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Roof renovations

For roofing work on your hangars, sheds, commercial buildings and industrial buildings with corrugated or steel deck, turn to Metaalconstructie Meynen. Do you have a leak, is your roof weathered or aging? You can count on us to restore full security within your buildings.

Every roof is different. There are flat roofs, pitched roofs, and so on. But these are by no means the only areas in which roofs differ. The type of roof makes every renovation an experience with a unique solution. We specialize in the fabrication and installation of steeldeck and the more budget-friendly variety: corrugated metal sheeting.

We think with you. From material selection to finish options, we offer expert advice and manage every aspect of the renovation. We take your worries completely out of your hands so you can quickly enjoy your renewed roof.

For hangars, sheds, barns, etc. corrugated sheets are a good choice if they are quality. At Metaalconstructie Meynen, we have been working with quality corrugated sheets from our partners for years.

This type of roof is indispensable in both barn construction and industrial construction. After all, it makes any building more resistant to weather, wind and outside noise. The downside is that the older types are often rusty and thus need replacement. We are happy to renovate these roofs. We have the necessary expertise and experience to bring this to fruition.

It is also a good idea to replace your old roofing with modern materials. This way you avoid short- and long-term problems.

We have been producing quality metal structures for use in agriculture and industry since the 1960s. This is how we have become an established presence in our region.

In addition to roof renovations, you can also contact us for industrial construction, supply for industry and barn construction. Feel free to let us know if we can do anything for you. After we discuss the assignment, we execute everything to perfection and in an efficient manner.


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