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Industrial Building

Need a new commercial building? A shed, hangar or other industrial building? Then you’ve come to the right place. You can come to us for both metal structures and complete buildings. For more than 50 years, Metaalconstructie Meynen has specialized in industrial construction.

Our characteristics

Full service

At Metaalconstructie Meynen, we go the extra mile.
We leverage our experience and know-how to take all your worries off your hands.


A pleasant and close cooperation, that's what we're going for.

Quality finishing

Both the finishing and all previous steps we perform according to the rules of the art. This way, you enjoy a quality finished product.


In the short term, we can accomplish a lot. This is thanks to our flexibility and extensive know-how.

Comprehensive follow-up on your industrial construction project

We are happy to take all your concerns off your hands and follow each project closely. Do you have questions or comments about certain aspects of your industry project? Then we will discuss this in detail.

You can expect professional advice based on years of experience. We assist you with both the aesthetic and functional aspects of industrial construction. Add a realistic quote to the mix and you have a recipe for success.

Each project is a unique accomplishment that we are proud to remember. Is your industrial building our next great memory? You can also come to us for subcontracting to industry.

Roadmap for industrial construction

First, we draw up a design in consultation with you and your architect. After this, we carry out all the necessary preparatory work. Consider earthworks, for example. Once these are done, we move on to the construction phase.

All our metal constructions are made in our own workshops. This allows us to closely monitor the entire process and make adjustments as needed. In short, guaranteed quality of all metal structures used in the assembly phase.

In the assembly phase, we ensure a peak finish to your new industrial building. This perfectly tailored with the result being a building that is finished to perfection. An industrial building that serves as a signboard in which you and your employees can work successfully.

We tailor our flexible and versatile metal constructions to your needs and desires. Design, finishing, construction… We guide you from A to Z. This way, we guarantee a total project that is finished both with quality and efficiency.

We can also deliver your project if required, after which you can take charge of the realization/construction yourself.

Some realizations









Warehouses, hangars and storage areas.

To process and, of course, store materials, you need sheds and hangars tailored to your operations.

For example, you have small to large storage units for wood processing and hangars of size for shipbuilding. A metal shed, hangar or storage unit allows you to produce safely and efficiently and keep your materials safely stored.

Fully customized commercial buildings

Metaalconstructie Meynen is your contact for almost the entire realization of your commercial building. Our activities in industrial construction and commercial building construction include:

  • Earthworks
  • Foundation and concrete works
  • Sewers
  • Metal construction
  • Roofing for both pitched and flat roofs: corrugated sheets, cold roof sheets, insulated sandwich panels, steel deck with PVC, Trocal roof waterproofing, skylights
  • Precast wall elements: concrete, aerated concrete, flint, brick patterned concrete elements, single-wall steel plates, insulated cassette walls, sandwich panels
  • Floor elements for storey floors
  • Sectional or sliding gates
  • Windows and wicket doors in aluminum, wood or PVC
  • Industrial floors
  • Industrial Building
  • Functional with a modern appearance

A commercial building should be practical and functional, but of course it also contributes to the appearance of your business. A good business building makes your employees feel at home and allows you to conduct all your activities without restrictions. Contact us and find out what we can do for you.

Numerous realizations

Our references consist of companies from different sectors that called on our expertise in industrial construction. This is because our custom metal structures are suitable for all types of commercial buildings. From industrial buildings to office buildings with sheds and even scout halls.

The possibilities are endless. So don’t let choice stress paralyze you. We guide you with a smile through the entire process, from A to Z. Contact us to discuss all the possibilities and get started on the construction of your new commercial building!

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