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Need metal construction for your industry? Trust Metaalconstructie Meynen. We produce exactly what you need and deliver the product neatly. This is done in our own workshop, where we control the process 100% ourselves. Thus, we guarantee the best quality time and again.

Subcontracting metal structures

When you need metal structures, and do not have the needed materials yourself or your own workshop is overloaded, metal Meynen is ready to assist you. First, we discuss specifically what you need and by when this is possible. We work in a transparent way, so you always get what you need, at the agreed price.

Whether you are a contractor, structural engineer or even a private individual… We are happy to advise and support you in realizing your (final) product. You can come to us for semi-finished and complete finished products (such as HEA, HEB, IPE and UPN beams and girders at desired lengths, among others).

Our workshop is equipped with specialised machinery machinery so that cutting, folding and punching are possible, as are plasma cutting and CNC-controlled drilling/sawing. With our many years of experience, we guarantee the best service, with sustainability, quality and customer satisfaction at the center.

Industrial services

Our industrial services go beyond manufacturing and delivering metal structures. You can also come to us for concrete advice. We always manufacture our metals in our own sized workshop. This allows us to efficiently complete several orders each week.

Is your workshop overloaded or do you urgently need a partner to complete a large order? If so, be sure to get in touch. Then we will immediately schedule a meeting to discuss everything regarding the assignment. We are happy to help you.

Quality metal construction at a fast pace

We are constantly working on our efficiency. Increasing this is always one of our priorities. This ensures that we can also manufacture your supplies smoothly, whatever you need. A good understanding of what is needed and a corresponding schedule is crucial.

That’s why we like to discuss everything in detail. This preparation quickly bears fruit, as the work proceeds much more efficiently. This translates into a smooth delivery time, which of course you also enjoy. In addition to subcontracting, you can also come to us for industrial construction!

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