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stable construction

Need a stable or agricultural shed? Trust Meynen to build a new, safe home for your livestock, materials and other supplies. We manufacture the metal constructions in our own workshop. This allows us to guarantee its quality time after time.

Stables and agricultural sheds of high quality

We are happy to put our years of experience to use to finish the following buildings to perfection.

  • Stable Construction
  • Agricultural sheds for your tractors or other machinery
  • Storage areas for hay, forage and more
  • Horticultural sheds

Our buildings based on metal structures are versatile and flexible, thus ideally suited for all applications in agriculture. By constantly striving for a good ratio between price and quality, we present you with a quality concept. After this, we will get to work and you will soon be able to enjoy your new acquisition.

A complete service for barn construction and agricultural sheds

In stable construction and building sheds for agricultural purposes, we are responsible for the supply and/or installation of the following items:

  • Foundation and concrete works for sheds and stables
  • Trusses
  • Wooden or metal purlins
  • Corrugated or sandwich panels
  • Precast wall elements for sheds: concrete, aerated concrete, flint, brick patterned concrete elements.
  • Windbreak mesh curtains
  • Insulation material
  • Concrete gratings and floor elements
  • Sectional or sliding gates
  • Windows and wicket doors in aluminum, wood or PVC

Our metal structures are suitable for all types of agricultural sheds or barns. With our barn construction, we can provide a complete and robust barn design for horses, manure and cattle. We also offer advice and assistance for self-builders. Useful when you want to build your own shed or barn.

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Custom barn construction

Everyone has a different vision and a different way of working. That is, every farmer needs a custom-made barn or agricultural shed. That’s why we always work to measure and discuss everything specifically with you or your architect.

This way we are 100% sure that your new building is to your liking. At Metaalconstructie Meynen, we have been providing quality barn construction since our inception. Is your stable the next one we can be proud to talk about?